Whatever your style, you probably use one


It is the one thing we have in common. Effects pedals, stomp boxes, Magic little boxes, they are functional pieces of artwork and engineering.

Putting your rig together and using pedals is not just for guitarists anymore. They can be used in so many creative ways to manipulate audio in a musical and sometimes not so musical way but always a useable sound depending on the application. What happens when you plug this into that?–You’ll never know until you try.

You asked for it. We are authorized dealers for the following brands of amplification

  • Friedman
  • Soldano
  • Synergy
  • Deizel
  • Egnater
  • Morgan
  • Tone King


Dying for a new pedal?– Brands:
Green indicates stock on hand.

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  • EarthQuaker Devices
  • Henretta Engineering
  • ChaseBliss
  • OneControl
  • Red Witch
  • Electro Faustus
  • Matthews Effects
  • Strymon
  • Friedman
    • Effects Pedals
    • Amplifiers
  • Bogner
    • Effects Pedals
    • Amplifiers
  • Wampler
  • Source Audio
  • Pigtronix
  • Keeley
  • Dunlop
    • MXR
    • Crybaby
    • Way Huge Electronics
    • MAXON
    • TWA (Totally Wicked Audio)
    • Emma Electronic
  • Outlaw Effects
  • Animals Pedal
  • NUX
  • ————Coming soon:
  • Wren and Cuff
  • Flattley
  • Custom Shutup & Play Pedals
  • We keep farming for more. The list keeps growing.